DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 6

Underways expedition Part 2

Session 6, March 2, 2013

Roll call:

Gator Todd – Dosh the Dwarf & Double Rainbow the Warrior
Bob – Roche the Thief and Fox the Hunter (deceased)
Charlie – Publio the Thief and Howard the Cleric
Ian – Ms Bronzeday & Billy the Gravedigger
Phil – Madsden the Dwarf
Brandon – Cabernet the Wizard (Deceased) with her apprentices, Merlot the Gongfarmer (deceased) & Shiraz the Woodcutter

Session started with the adventurers gathered in Harald’s Beardless Bar, discussing their plans to explore the Underways. Party was introduced to Cabernet and her apprentices, Merlot & Shiraz. Lacking a cleric, and noticing the baleful stare of Howard the Vengeful, who has been spurned by the party on at least two occasions, Publio offered to hire Howard on for half a share. Whereby it was discovered that Howard was actually a fairly nice peaceable (Lawful) cleric of Uther.

It was decided to open up the trade route to Entropia (city of the Sunless Elves) by clearing out the Cave Fishers discovered in Session 4. In speaking with Hut-Hut the Toadman caravan master, the party decided to rent a wagon from him and transport 30 casks of wine @ 1.2 gp each to Entropia. Also Madsten brought two bottles of whiskey.

They set out via the Lord Fitzgerald Memorial shaft. They encounter a slith storm (19 sliths) whom they demolished partially with the aid of the nets they had brought for the Cave Fisher mission. They capture 4 sliths and put them on their wagon to sell as slaves in Entropia. They also take the slith skulls to sell for bounties in Entropia, since the universally reviled sliths fetch a fair price. Fox the Hunter is slain by the slith, as well as one of Hut-Hut’s toad-men guards.

That night, while resting, they are approached by 5 dwarves hunting sliths. After some bargaining, they agree to sell the sliths to the Dwarves.

Later they encounter a party of Sunless who are also hunting Slith. Having had a bad encounter with the Cave Fishers, the Sunless pay the party a moderate sum to dispatch the fishers. Later that day, the party flushes the cave fishers out. The wax that Publio has acquired protects most of the party quite well and the cave fishers are lured out with a goat, then netted and slain (6 in all). The party investigates the huge bonepile they’ve accumulated and finds some studded leather and some minor GP and SP, as well as a mysterious peppery potion.

After clearing the cave fishers, they hear some strange music from further down the tunnels. Going to investigate a few more hours, they find a strange circus set up in the intersection of the tunnels beyond. The circus consists of : a strong man challenging them to lift up a marble, a freakshow, a dart-throwing booth and Madame Buva’s House of Fun, a place for games of chance.

Ms. Bronzeday, Madsten and Roche all take a shot at the strong-man’s challenge. Madsten loses multiple times but does manage to win once and gain a gem and permanent hit points as well as a point of strength (however, he loses several points of strength while trying to win the final prize). Roche also tried the Strong Man’s challenge and won.

Ms Bronzeday and Publio decide to visit the Freakshow, where they are confronted with the freakish spectacles of The Backwards Man, the Hairy Man, the Landfish, the Human Garden and… Babyhead. The freaks attack the two of them, and only through desperate movements in the tent and the lucky blinding of the Backwards man, do the thieves manage to escape with their lives.

The characters did not bother with the dart-throwing booth, making the captured slith therein quite happy!

Cabernet and her assistants chose to visit Madame Buva’s for games of chance. They examined the Carnival Poker game but found the stakes were too low and Cabernet and team did not have any money. Madsten entered and tried the Dice of Many Things, earning a few minor treats as well as the service of a demon, which he sicced on the Strong Man to recover his strength.

Madame Buva offered to read their fortunes via her crystal ball, which they declined. Also on offer was… “the Deck,” though she warned them several times, that the Deck is not for the weak of heart. This only added fuel to their desire. Shiraz drew the Balance card, which adjusted her alignment. Merlot the Gongfarmer drew the Comet, which instructed him to defeat the next monster he met to raise a level. And Cabernet drew the Skull, which summoned a Wraith to do battle with her. The Wraith attacked and Cabernet downed her potion of Speed. With two attacks, she almost managed to beat the Wraith, but was finally slain by it.

Madsten entered the tent, drew the Donjon and was whisked away to imprisonment, where he was stripped of all of his goods. (Offscreen: GM ruling was that he did 4 weeks of hard extraplanar labor and was then found in the Cluster naked.)

Publio then took his chances and drew the Moon card— and received 4 (four!) wishes.

Wish #1: I wish I could.. in a way that doesn’t kill everyone.. be the most agile person in the world.. and y’know..
The Genie gave him the choice of two AG points or inflicting a crippling disease on all humans. (Thereby making himself by far the most agile) He took the Agility.
Wish #2: I wish for magical platemail that will not inhibit my thief skills or movement at all.
Bob: Is it human-sized?
GM rolls: Nope. Dwarf sized.
Charlie: (Look of death)
Wish #3: I wish my magical plate mail was human-sized. Grr.
The genie adjusted the size to Man sized.
Wish #4: I wish I could always have a second chance to escape any poison, petrification, paralysis, etc…
The genine presented Publio with a huge rabbit’s foot that will grant him a second saving throw.

Note: The GM rolled to see if the magical platemail was magical because it was cursed. No.

Leaving Madame Buva’s, Merlot was confronted by the Ghost Circus ringmaster, who was drawn into a full-on rage and attacked Merlot. Merlot tried to usee the cave fisher legs to cause intense pain to the ringmaster, but the attempt was not successful enough. Then he struck back with his trowel, using it as a dagger. After a few rounds of choking and trowel-stabbing, the ringmaster slew Merlot.

At this point, session was wrapping up and it was declared that the caravan had reached Entropia with a 100% profit on the wine. (The whiskey was gone with the rest of Madstens’s possessions.)

Publio and Ms Bronzeday leveled!!


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