DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 13 - Against the Cultists

Session 13 – Against the Cultists

Roll call:

Brandon – Bordeaux the Dwarf
Ian – Ms. Silverday the Thief and Wayne the Valet Cleric of the Voice
Todd – Rainbow the Warrior and Dosh the Dwarf
Mark = Broos the Mighty Cleric of Uther

Having acquired from Armand Pitzkin the tome known as Phodor’s Atlas of Least Traveled Places, the party journeyed down deep into the Deepways to try to get to the level where Nikripest is located. As they approached the forgress of Lord Dimh the Arch-mykon, they found evidence of a pitched battle, with the iron-circle-eyed cultists of Ashax and the mykon defenders of Lord Dimh’s fortress.

Wending the way through the battlefield, they find a survivor of a scouting party sent to attack the cultists. He gives them a rough map of the cultists’ hideout as well as a “Candle of Unseeing” that will protect them from observation while the candle’s lit. Their mission, in order to break the siege on Lord Dimh’s fortress, was to destroy the cultists’ leader and rescue the Princess Sylosybin. Also, the dying Mykon warrior informed them that the Mykons had been partially defeated by their over-reliance on knock-off chest-chariots, which were inferior products!!

The party bravely pressed on to the cult headquarters where they defeated the slith-fused spider-creature guarding the cave warrens where the cultists were holed up. They went into the warren and crossed over the chasm filled with a sea of white grubs that devoured everything in that pit.
When a slith-handler came to investigate the death of her creature, Ms Silverday cut her rope and cast the sloth-handler down into the sea of grubs, killing her instantly.

Having crossed the chasm, the party rescued the princess from a gang of Troglodytes and then attacked the Cult leader, Garrow the Undergoat- reinforced by two Dwarven priests of Borkus the Godpig. A pitched battle ensued in which the party narrowly beat Garrow with timely healing from Wayne and Broos. When Garrow was defeated, the party reforged his broken circle unholy symbol, breaking his power over the cultists. One remaining Dwarf tried to kidnap the princess but was thwarted by Rainbow and Bordeaux, allowed his freedom in exchange for telling Bordeaux that the scheming greedy fraudster known as RONKO, priest of Borkus was the party responsible for substandard chest-chariots that had been provided to the Mykons.

The party acquired some interesting treasure, such as the Maul of Tragedy: On one side is written, WHEN A DWARF SLAYS A GIANT WITH and on the other side is written, THIS HAMMER THE WORLD ENDS.

The Stun-dials acquired from the Gray Aliens (in Session 10) were used several times to little effect. Rainbow actually misfired and destroyed his— the dial opened and a little green worm-thing hopped out, wriggling around on the ground. Rainbow stepped on it.

Last, the party freed the slith from the arcane oversight of their dead mistress, thereby setting off a slith storm of epic proportions throughout the warrens, only escaping with the (wisely held in reserve) remainder of the Candle of Unseeing. They now have a small bit of this candle left. Lord Dimh is very grateful the party’s help in breaking the siege and returning the Princess and is going to very gratefully help conduct them to the lowest level on which Nikripest sits, including giving the party some information on Oochel the Slime God, King Cockroach, and the other environs of Nikripest.


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