List of the Dead: Characters

Kepli the Dwarf (Charlie)- first level (Suicide in horror at his mutations, including extra head, appendages…)

Mandarin the Elf (Micah)- first level (Struck down by the axe of the savage MUTTONTAUR, the most dangerous sheep-creature ever known!)

Lord Fitzgerald the Warrior (Charlie) – First level (struck down in battle with flytrap monster)

Mork the Wizard (Gator-Todd)- First level (Struck down in battle with Graylings )

Milo the Mysterious (Mark) 0 level – killed in battle with insect men inside the Spear

Laetitia the Halfling Witch (Mark) 0 level – choked by the strange maroon goo inside the Spear

Sovelior the Historian (Mark ) 0 level – killed in battle with the animal-men in the GroundHog Day Room within the Spear

Erasmus the Elf (Gary) – first level – killed by shadow monster in the Shadow/Statue room in the Tomb of the Philosopher King

Cabernet the Wizard (Brandon) – first level -killed by a Wraith summoned by the Skull card in the Deck of Many Things

Merlot the Apprentice (Brandon) – 0 level – Killed by the Ghost Circus Ringmaster after being forced to fight the “next monster you meet” to ascend to 1st level.

Horatio the Herbalist (Gary) 1st level – slain in battle in the Throne Room of King Cockroach

Billy the Gravedigger, he of the Magnificent Shovel-Sword (Bob) 1st level – slain by a Mutant Sludge Beast after plunging helplessly into the sewage river outside the fortress of King Cockroach.

Mighty Broos, Cleric of Uther (Mark) 2nd level – slain by Vils Graiys, the Radiant King Cockroach

List of the Dead: Characters

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