DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 11

The Hell Beneath the Angry Dwarf

Roll call:

Ian – Ms Bronzeday the Theif & Wayne the Valet Cleric
Brandon – Bordeaux the Ever-Inventive Dwarf
Gator-Todd- Rainbow the Warrior & Dosh the Dwarf

As agreed via email, in order to gain access to the Dwarven Codex and pursue the location of Nikripest, the setup was to pursue a mission for Lord Hovard Hallowhall, the Dwarf Lord Marshall of Nearways 1C. The party took Blackstone along as he was an acquaintance of the Lord Marshall, a fellow Usefularianist.

The Lord Marshall directed them to find the statue of the Angry Dwarf on the surface world and retrieve the funeral mask of King Archin the Smooth, made by the Dwarf goldsmith Gudart Hornmach. The party traveled via the Nearways, and then overland to reach the giant statue of the Angry Dwarf. Within the maw of the Dwarf were four savage and hungry Graylings who battled the party to within a few burnt luck points of a TPK!

After resting for several days to recuperate from this savage battle, the party dropped into the strange dungeon and workshop where dwarves had apparently been enslaved and even experimented upon. They encountered a ghost who commaned them to bring the head of “the horse master”. Soon enough they did battle with the Horse Master and finally pitched his head into the ghost’s pool, for which they were rewarded with a precious black pearl of exquisit workmanship (500 gp).

Also the party found graphitti in the dungeon that indicated that the funeral mask was in fact buried in Hallowhall itself. They returned to Hallowhall and assisted the Lord Marshall in retrieving the mask, which was a profane object shaped in the guise of the “Horse Masters” who had enslaved the Dwarves in the weird dungeon. (No wonder it was hidden and Gudart disappeared!) At this point, the Marshall’s stoneseer, Pak Rexrot, grabbed the mask and put it on, starting to transform into one of the dreaded Horsemasters— surrounded by cultists of Ashax. (See Wiki- Ashax is Uther’s future self & opposite number). The PCs slew Pak and were able to hold off the cultist guards until the rest of the Marshall’s men reinforced them: The Marshall gladly rewarded the party with 5 suits of Dwarf plate armor that had belonged to the cultists (!)

Notably, Bordeaux also fashioned the first “Grayling-skinned beard bag”, a slightly flame-retardant beard protector.

Most importantly, the party acquired access to the Codex and was able to trace otu the route to Nikripest with its aid. Now it remains to understand the hazards of the journey and prepare to infiltrate a city of the dead ruled by fallen Radiants!

Session 10

Session 10

Roll call:

Brandon – Bordeaux the Dwarf
Bob – Roche the Thief & Billy the Warrior
Gator Todd- Dosh the Dwarf & Rainbow the Warrior (with cameo by Laszlo the retainer)
Mark – Broos the Cleric of Utter
Ian – Ms Leadenday the Thief & Wayne the Valet Cleric

The session opens with the party returning from Entropia & Redbush (already reunited in one band) after the events of the throwdown at Kwenlox Kwezeen. Broos and Bordeaux have hit upon the idea of using this crossroads tavern as a base and investment to help 1) convert the wayward and 2) sell inventions.

In approaching Kwenlox, they find their old friends the carnivorous brain flies, set upon by bleached white cultists of Ashax (long story about Ashax— see Wiki for notes on Uther and Gods)
The flies have been mostly killed and the cultists are yelling, “Where is Blackstone??” A fight ensues when Broos won’t tolerate their bullying and torture any further and the cultists are slain— including a huge bleached-white cyclops. (Bordeaux, destroying his axe and haft on two subsequent fumbles, takes the cyclops’s club as his weapon for this adventure).

Nobody has any idea what Blackstone they’re talking about; they clean up the bar and heal the flies’ troupe leader who lost a wing but is otherwise salvageable. An hour later, an odd dwarf shows up, bloody and bedraggled. He tells the story of how his adventuring companions have been killed when he tried to acquire a book he dreamt of from a weird temple of parasite-controlled idol worshippers. He is Gerhard BLackstone and he offers to accompany the party to find his friends and get the book, or to pay them 20 gold and let them have his buddies’ treasure. They leave Laszlo and Billy to aid him in securing the tavern.

The party explores the caverns and finds a room full of slave-victims entranced by starfish parasites, the largest of which is attached to a big red stone. They have no issues until Bordeaux touches one of the parasites, which brings all the victims biting and clawing at them.
Bordeaux, already preparing tinder and oil, douses the biggest starfish parasite (on the red stone) with oil and lights it on fire. After two rounds of burning, the starfish thing dies and the other slaves fall lifeless. They find the book— a strange leather tome with a human face on the cover. Inside appears to a be a map.

(Dosh finds a separate room with a bonepile in the center and goes to investigate. He’s caught in the grip of a TRAPPER, that wraps him in a leather cocoon and starts to smother him. The adventurers rescue him though he nearly dies and is only miraculously OK after being turned over. The party discovers a bag of pebbles that - when thrown- turn into boulders.)

Before leaving, they take one starfish as a sample, as well as the pulsing red stone that had been on the alter of this strange temple.

Along the way back to Kwenlox, they are greeted by a part of 6 gray alien creatures, who use a female sprite as a translator. They ask for the book and when the party refuses, a quick combat breaks out where there stun-dials are largely ineffective. 6 stun-dials are captured by the party and Bordeaux is able to effectively able to use them.

Returning to Kwenlox, they find Blackstone eagerly awaiting them. Now the wizard Zymordis appears, having sensed a “disturbance in the aetherial body, the ocean of notions, the river of dreams!” When he sees the map, sees a legendary Radiant city that is supposedly home to the dead and the many Radiants who have been corrupted and live in the depths of the mortal world. Most importantly, this city (called Nikripest) is home to The Pale Tree— any who sleep one night under the Pale Tree are said to gain their hearts’ desire. The dwarf is marked with underways coordinates in Dwarven, but the party will need to access the Dwarven Codex to understand where this deep lost place is supposed located— and will need much better information on the dark, lost environs of Nikripest, home to demigods such as Oochel the Slime Lord and the city of the dead, as well as some mysterious place or entity known only as.. KC.

Fortunately, there is a well-stocked esoteric library about a week’s journey from Kwenlox— the library in the house of the Mad Sorcerer Armand Pitzkin— several of the party have been here before and they are decided to venture back in search of information on the city of Nikripest and its environs. (Not known if Pitzkin’s will also have a Dwarven Codex.) Gerhard Blackstone is determined to join forces with the party, fully expecting to sleep under the Pale Tree.. maybe he even can be reunited with his cousins Tango and Cash who have er, “Gone Missing”.

We leave the party at Kwenlox arguing about how best to convert the Red Slave Stone of the Starfish Parasites into a blinking tavern sign….

Session 9

Session 9

April 20, 2013

Roll call:

Brandon – Shiraz the Wizard and Bordeaux the Dwarf
Bob- Roche the Thief and Billy the Gravedigger
Gary- Silvertongue the Bard and Shiloh the Halfling
Micah – Alavar the Cleric and Aram the Warrior
Ian – Ms. Silverday the thief and Wayne the Cleric
Mark – Broos the Cleric of Uther

Session opened with some clean up from Session 8— tied off some loose ends as follows.

  • Ms. Silverday investigates the book that they retrieved from the Temple of the Moon Witch. She can’t read it easily, but copies the parts that seem to relate to Entropia and the Spear. They turn in the book and she pays them as agreed in Session #8 (noted that money is owed to Madsden, Rainbow and Dosh)
  • They bring the jar of slime to the Unseer in Entropia, who tells them that it may be some sort of vehicle that contains knowledge or power. As the denizens of the Deepways don’t write books and that sort of thing.

They agree to set out and explore the Nearways that the party passed through on the way to the Village of Liars (They traaveled belowground to get there). The party spends some money on rations, rope, lanterns and so on, including a number of Sunless ponies and “Trundlers”— centipedish docile beasts of burden used in the Underways.

The party starts into this area and encounters a band of mykon merchants. After an uncomfortable wordless exchange, Bordeaux manages to sell one of his his new inventions, the “Torch-Helmet” to the Mykons for 2 gp.

Next they encounter two small children who claim to have fallen into the Nearways by way of a stream that they were playing in. The kids claim to have come from one of the nearby passages where “the bad men” did tried to capture them. They are skittish about Bordeaux, the only Dwarf in the party. The party takes them in with the agreement to return them to their hometown of Redbush as soon as they have completed their journey.

Going the other way (avoiding trouble), they encounter a theater troupe composed entirely of carnivorous brain flies. The flies negotiate and do a performance of that old favorite, “The Confusion of the Larvae” with the famous happy ending: “And 20 % of the larvage actually survived in the host!” The party pays a moderate fee for the performance and discusses what lies beyond.. “the Annelid” or “Worm Lord.” The party decides not to go that way but to accompany the Troupe of Flies back the other way to the tavern called Kwenlock’s Kwezeen.

Entering the tavern, they see a troll starting to get violent, clearly drunk. There are two dwarves in the tavern and some of the party recognize their old friends, Tango and Cash, who sold the party out in their first adventure in the Nearways. There are also a group of pallid, misshapen robed humanoids in the bar, called “hammerheads” because of their strange curved skulls. And a group of toad-men. And a group of strange, small green and purple goblin type creatures. Before the drunken Troll can even challenge them to a fight, Ms Silverday draws her sword, leaps over the table and attacks Tango.

A massive long bar brawl ensues in which:

  1. Alavar Commands the Celestial owner (Kwenlock) to fight the Troll
  2. The Troll fights Kwenlock and the two never join forces.
  3. Tango is slain in the bar and Cash is charmed and then runs out into the street where Shiloh kills him.
  4. Broos protects the kids and saves them from the “goblin”-things that had tracked them into the street.
  5. One of the goblin things pickpockets various party members and is caught by Shiraz and hurled into the celestial-Troll melee, but escapes unscathed.
    Billy the gravedigger runs in and administers a deathblow to the fallen Radiant with his shovel!
  6. The troll is felled but is already regenerating. When the party tries to burn him, they find that the fire heals him!
  7. Shiloh takes the troll’s head (decapitated in one shot by Aram!) and throws the head in a nearby pool, where it steams and hisses and disintegrates. The party then pours water on the rest of the Troll remains before it regenerates.
  8. Bordeaux goes for the lockbox behind the bar and the Toad-men do the same. A darkness spell is cast, some are commanded to fight the others and Bordeaux escapes with the lockbox without too much melee with the Toadmen, who are finally slain.
  9. Shiloh finds on Cash a scroll tube containing a rough treasure map of the location of the fabled treasure – Golden Mask of the Dwarf King.
  10. 1-2 of the goblinthings escape with the 30-40 gp pickpocketed from the party while invisible.
  11. The hammerheads have gone to the backroom and are drinking SNOG (the tavern’s specialty) straight from the giant pet lizard’s nose.. (yes it’s… reptile snot.. which.. you know.. do reptiles have snot? They do at Kwenlock’s Kwizeen) The party lets the hammerheads go peaceably and after arranging with the brain flies to let them breed on the corpses in the back room, they spend the night in the blood-spattered tavern.
  12. The party splits up, partly returning to Entropia with the body of the Fallen Radiant Kwenlock, partly going to the town of Redbush to return the kids to their parents. They are given pie and 10 SP reward and treated like local heroes—even offered to meet the local wizard, Zymordis.
  13. Returning with the Celestial’s magical sword, the party gives it to Billy and Roche pays 100 gp on Billy’s behalf to re-forge it into a magical shovel-weapon— so that Billy will level into a 1st level fighter with a magical shovel-sword!
Session 8
Temple of the Moon-Witch

Session #8

March 30, 2013

AKA “Temple of the Moon Witch”

Roll Call:

Brandon – Shiraz the Wizard and Bordeaux the Dwarf
Gator-Todd – Rainbow the Warrior & Dosh the Dwarf
Ian – Ms. Leadenday the Thief and Wayne the Cleric
Bob – Roche the Thief and Billy the Gravedigger
Micah – Alavar the Cleric and Aram the Warrior

Session started in Entropia, the cavern city of the Sunles Elves. The party is led before a mysterious woman with no eyes, who hires them to journey aboveground to the Village of Liars to find an item— a gilt-bound tome of great value. The principals of the party, Roche, Alavar, Rainbow, Dosh, Shiraz and Ms Goldenday, are promised 200 for the book and 25 extra gp each… total of 350 gp.

The woman had her wardens direct the party to a different gate out of Entropia and through the Underways running North (their first venture here). The journey was uneventful and they found their way to the surface and arrived at the Village of Liars. Entering a tavern there, they found that the natives indeed answered every query with a bold-faced lie. They inquired about a book but made very little progress. They investigated the village but accomplished little besides breaking and entering the village mill and (of course) Ms Leadenday’s cold-blooded murder of the village priest of Borkus.

Finally, after Ms Leadenday sets fire to the priest’s hut and the fire militia comes out to douse the flames, the party overhears the villagers complaining that all the young men, normally the village’s backbone, have gone missing up the nearby hill. Searching the hill in the dead of night, they find an odd chimney-like stone structure with a lens on the end, and then an entrance that leads into a cave burrowing deep into the hill.

Entering the cave, Bordeaux narrowly missed stepping into a pit trap and the party had to devise a safe way to traverse the pit, which was done without major mishap. They descended the stairs and were ambushed by the young men of the village who seemed in an enraged, brainwashed state. Though the young men landed a few blows, the party dispatched them quickly. The last one fled and summoned the BRAIN!, a strange creature of living, walking brain matter which attacked them with mental blasts – only succeeding in killing Bordeaux’s shortlived famliar, Convivio the Hawk.

Next, the party was set upon by imps, two of whom attacked with the leg-bones of a witch— and the legless witch herself joined the fray immediately thereafter. In addition, a slime creature attacked from a well sunk deep into the floor and the party was able to slay the imps, the witch and finally the slime creature as it fled. Bordeaux and Billy were both slain but Bordeaux was recovered with healing and Billy was later found to be “not dead yet!”

Having eliminated the threats, the party found themselves in an underground room with several strange objects: Many books on the shelves, most concerning the ancient religion of the Moon-Witch. The book itself, fabulously valuable apparently, and written in the strange religious cant of the Moon-Witch’s cult, with papers that the legless witch had been transcribing. A jar of slime, the properties of which are still not discovered. And.. a telescope type device (attached to the lens at the top of the stone outcrop) that is focused on the Moon, where they were able to view an actual city.. with buildings and such— buildings which looked alien, non-human, yet strangely familiar…

Session 7

Session 7- March 16, 2013

Roll call:

Brandon- Shiraz the wizard and Bordeaux the 0 level Dwarven apothecary
Ian – Ms Leadenday the Thief and Willy the Gravedigger
Phil – Madsden the Dwarf

Houskeeping: Billy the Gravedigger (cousin to Willy?) achieved first level last adventure, but his stats were deemed by Ian to be unworthy of actually leveling and playing!

The adventure starts in the Cluster where the four companions are drinking in the Dirty Spade. While discussing the prospect of hiring on to help Madame Erba find the missing Jolly Little Woman she bought from the survivors of the first Spear expedition.

They are approached the Jefrezi man Maxus, a charming well dressed and would-be handsome man who is missing a nose due to a terrible scar. He asks if the adventurers are selling the mini-Cabernet that was left after Cabernet herself died in Session 6. They initially refuse, but Bordeaux offers to construct some toy chariots for Maxus and he agrees to return in 2-3 weeks to purchase them.

The adventurers contract with Madame Erba to find the Jolly Little woman and then hatch the scheme of selling Sauvignon to Maxus as a ruse, then following him to his connections in Snakedeep. When he finally arrives, they sell him the miniature chariots and Sauvignon, then journey to Snakedeep with him. Arriving late, he points them toward the Pier’s inns for lodging and disappears.

Ms Leadenday tracks him to a warehouse near the pier and sees him doing business with a Radiant in the warehouse, examining Sauvignon and the chariots on some sort of game board. Ms Leadenday goes back to the Rusty Squid to meet her companions and they decide to rush the warehouse together, after hiring some muscle- 4 young toughs from Ghost Island they picked up in the Squid:

Petey Pituitary, the world’s strongest 0-level halfling! (Brandon)
Willy the Gravedigger (Ian)
Kudas the Dwarven chest maker (Phil)
Wayne the Wainwright (Ian)

With these comrades, they go to the warehouse and bust in, engaging in a fight with some warehouse guards. 2 of the henchmen are killed but the guards are defeated- not before they see the Radiant appears. A full on battle ensues in which Petey is killed by the thing and Shiraz is dropped. Ms. Leadenday approaches and savagely backstabs the Radiant, ( fallen, blood-weeping angel), dropping him almost single-handedly in one blow. A couple more blows finish him off, and then to their delight, Shiraz is actually alive! The room in which they fight the Radiant is filled with strange magical vessels, potions and two books. In addition, they now have a black, steaming sword that the Radiant used, the blade of which is cold to the touch (claimed by Ms Leadenday). They investigate and then go down to the next level, finding an evil chapel with a demonic altar.

In this room, are several cages of familiars and sprites, saved from the choking cloud. After stripping this altar of the pearls that adorned it, they look down into the next level’s room and toss a torch down, hearing something scream frantically as the room below ignites in a gout of flame. After the flame burns out, Ms Leadenday descends to investigate and look for treasure and is ambushed by a mostly-charred snake-woman, who wraps around her and constricts her to death! Madsden goes down next and is blinded when the snake spits on him, but he finally manages to slay the foul creature. To their relief, they flip over Ms. Leadenday and find that she lives!

There is one more level down that leads to the old sewers beneath the city, but they venture no further, having achieved their goal of rescuing the original Jolly Little Woman for Madame Erba. With the help of Hut-Hut, they hire a wagon and cary off substantial goods back to the Cluster for trade in Entropia, making a nice profit.

Last, they discover that the books and potions will allow them to bond with or possess the familiars that are captured. Even for non-spellcasters, the potions and the book’s formulae are so powerful that, used in the presence of the familiars, they are able to bond. Thus, Madsden bonds with the “wide” (!) Spider-Monkey; Ms Leadenday bonds with the Cranky Scorpion; Shiraz bonds with the Sauvignon (the mini-image of the deceased Cabernet); and Bordeaux bonds with the Convivial Hawk. (No love for the skeletal rat familiar!! awww) :(

Shiraz fumbles her first Find Familiar roll and ends up with flat, withered ears. (With the aid of the book, I allowed her to re-roll, with an increased chance of corruption.)

Bordeaux, Wayne and Kudas have all achieved first level!

Session 6
Underways expedition Part 2

Session 6, March 2, 2013

Roll call:

Gator Todd – Dosh the Dwarf & Double Rainbow the Warrior
Bob – Roche the Thief and Fox the Hunter (deceased)
Charlie – Publio the Thief and Howard the Cleric
Ian – Ms Bronzeday & Billy the Gravedigger
Phil – Madsden the Dwarf
Brandon – Cabernet the Wizard (Deceased) with her apprentices, Merlot the Gongfarmer (deceased) & Shiraz the Woodcutter

Session started with the adventurers gathered in Harald’s Beardless Bar, discussing their plans to explore the Underways. Party was introduced to Cabernet and her apprentices, Merlot & Shiraz. Lacking a cleric, and noticing the baleful stare of Howard the Vengeful, who has been spurned by the party on at least two occasions, Publio offered to hire Howard on for half a share. Whereby it was discovered that Howard was actually a fairly nice peaceable (Lawful) cleric of Uther.

It was decided to open up the trade route to Entropia (city of the Sunless Elves) by clearing out the Cave Fishers discovered in Session 4. In speaking with Hut-Hut the Toadman caravan master, the party decided to rent a wagon from him and transport 30 casks of wine @ 1.2 gp each to Entropia. Also Madsten brought two bottles of whiskey.

They set out via the Lord Fitzgerald Memorial shaft. They encounter a slith storm (19 sliths) whom they demolished partially with the aid of the nets they had brought for the Cave Fisher mission. They capture 4 sliths and put them on their wagon to sell as slaves in Entropia. They also take the slith skulls to sell for bounties in Entropia, since the universally reviled sliths fetch a fair price. Fox the Hunter is slain by the slith, as well as one of Hut-Hut’s toad-men guards.

That night, while resting, they are approached by 5 dwarves hunting sliths. After some bargaining, they agree to sell the sliths to the Dwarves.

Later they encounter a party of Sunless who are also hunting Slith. Having had a bad encounter with the Cave Fishers, the Sunless pay the party a moderate sum to dispatch the fishers. Later that day, the party flushes the cave fishers out. The wax that Publio has acquired protects most of the party quite well and the cave fishers are lured out with a goat, then netted and slain (6 in all). The party investigates the huge bonepile they’ve accumulated and finds some studded leather and some minor GP and SP, as well as a mysterious peppery potion.

After clearing the cave fishers, they hear some strange music from further down the tunnels. Going to investigate a few more hours, they find a strange circus set up in the intersection of the tunnels beyond. The circus consists of : a strong man challenging them to lift up a marble, a freakshow, a dart-throwing booth and Madame Buva’s House of Fun, a place for games of chance.

Ms. Bronzeday, Madsten and Roche all take a shot at the strong-man’s challenge. Madsten loses multiple times but does manage to win once and gain a gem and permanent hit points as well as a point of strength (however, he loses several points of strength while trying to win the final prize). Roche also tried the Strong Man’s challenge and won.

Ms Bronzeday and Publio decide to visit the Freakshow, where they are confronted with the freakish spectacles of The Backwards Man, the Hairy Man, the Landfish, the Human Garden and… Babyhead. The freaks attack the two of them, and only through desperate movements in the tent and the lucky blinding of the Backwards man, do the thieves manage to escape with their lives.

The characters did not bother with the dart-throwing booth, making the captured slith therein quite happy!

Cabernet and her assistants chose to visit Madame Buva’s for games of chance. They examined the Carnival Poker game but found the stakes were too low and Cabernet and team did not have any money. Madsten entered and tried the Dice of Many Things, earning a few minor treats as well as the service of a demon, which he sicced on the Strong Man to recover his strength.

Madame Buva offered to read their fortunes via her crystal ball, which they declined. Also on offer was… “the Deck,” though she warned them several times, that the Deck is not for the weak of heart. This only added fuel to their desire. Shiraz drew the Balance card, which adjusted her alignment. Merlot the Gongfarmer drew the Comet, which instructed him to defeat the next monster he met to raise a level. And Cabernet drew the Skull, which summoned a Wraith to do battle with her. The Wraith attacked and Cabernet downed her potion of Speed. With two attacks, she almost managed to beat the Wraith, but was finally slain by it.

Madsten entered the tent, drew the Donjon and was whisked away to imprisonment, where he was stripped of all of his goods. (Offscreen: GM ruling was that he did 4 weeks of hard extraplanar labor and was then found in the Cluster naked.)

Publio then took his chances and drew the Moon card— and received 4 (four!) wishes.

Wish #1: I wish I could.. in a way that doesn’t kill everyone.. be the most agile person in the world.. and y’know..
The Genie gave him the choice of two AG points or inflicting a crippling disease on all humans. (Thereby making himself by far the most agile) He took the Agility.
Wish #2: I wish for magical platemail that will not inhibit my thief skills or movement at all.
Bob: Is it human-sized?
GM rolls: Nope. Dwarf sized.
Charlie: (Look of death)
Wish #3: I wish my magical plate mail was human-sized. Grr.
The genie adjusted the size to Man sized.
Wish #4: I wish I could always have a second chance to escape any poison, petrification, paralysis, etc…
The genine presented Publio with a huge rabbit’s foot that will grant him a second saving throw.

Note: The GM rolled to see if the magical platemail was magical because it was cursed. No.

Leaving Madame Buva’s, Merlot was confronted by the Ghost Circus ringmaster, who was drawn into a full-on rage and attacked Merlot. Merlot tried to usee the cave fisher legs to cause intense pain to the ringmaster, but the attempt was not successful enough. Then he struck back with his trowel, using it as a dagger. After a few rounds of choking and trowel-stabbing, the ringmaster slew Merlot.

At this point, session was wrapping up and it was declared that the caravan had reached Entropia with a 100% profit on the wine. (The whiskey was gone with the rest of Madstens’s possessions.)

Publio and Ms Bronzeday leveled!!

Session 5

(we call this one… “Tomb of the Philosopher King”)

Roll call:

Gary – Erasmus the Elf (deceased) + Silvertongue the Minstrel + Laszlo (xferred from Todd)
Micah – Alavaro the Cleric of Uther + Aram the chick
Mark – Bruce the Cleric of Uther + Beets the disturbed turnip farmer / torch holder
Gator-Todd – Dosh the Dwarf + Rainbow the Warrior + Laszlo (xferred to Gary)
Bob – Roche the 2nd Level thief
Charlie – Publio the “Fighter”

The characters meet up in Snakedeep, where they heard rumors of a strange demonic-barfight throwdown with strange McQuestrian hillbillies (see Online Session #1). After some housekeeping and purchasing of supplies, the doughty heroes discuss two possibilities for adventure: 1) investigating the strange city that the Dwarves Tango & Cash had spoken of when rescued in Session 4 and 2) going into the Underways to clean out the “Cave Fishers” that killed various caravan members in Session 4.

Eventually it was decided to pursue Option 1. Uneventful journey to the Cluster and then down the Lord Fitzgerald Memorial Shaft. The heroic heroes of heroism made an uneventful journey to the secret passage into the city, finding it to be a warren full of stone corridors and passages, with a big central cavern containing a strange tulip-bulb-shaped palace.

A central staircase led down into the cavern where various corridors ran off into the town. Hearing a strange ghostly moaning, the adventurers decided to investigate this ghost and found an ancient tomb in which a ghost threatened them, while moaning to them to “give me my crown!” Amazingly, Alvaro was able to paralyze the ghost effortlessly and with Word of Command and they chopped the ectoplasm into bits. Shortly thereafter, they journeyed up a shaft into a catacomb tomb and found a strange marker in the Horcai language they could not move. Laszlo the farmer (Dosh’s retainer) was encouraged to press the various plates on this marking, and narrowly avoided plunging to his death in a pit trap. Next selection opened the passage deeper into the tomb.

Journeying into the tomb, the party discovered the statue and shadow room where they were set up on by three shadows cast by a magic brazier. Erasmus & Dosh were slain by one giant shadow before Publio managed to cover the brazier with his shield and the party managed to topple and destroy the statues. (Dosh was flipped and recovered).

Next, the party found a strange room with five statues and 5 war masks hanging on the wall. Through timely and successful casting of Second Sight, Alvaro determined to put a mask on the one robed-figure statue, who promptly opened the door to the next room. This door was labeled “True Destiny”.

The following room contained four sections- a treasure room, a lust-filled houri-room, a mini-temple with altar and priests, and a solitary figure on a stool sitting by a door emblazoned with a Horcai skull. Laszlo jumped right into the gold and Alvaro commanded him to leave, breaking the curse upon him. Dosh & Rainbow grabbed Laszlo and threw him into the Death section and Laszlo walked through the door and disappeared into an expanse of tractless white. Bruce the Cleric followed him, then Dosh and Rainbow, and after some experiments proved that they were still alive, the rest followed.

They find Laszlo trying on chain mail armor of an ancient Horcai noble, while Bruce is wearing the crown of a King. They ransack the bodies left on the slabs in the tomb room. There is one door left, with a warning not to disturb the contemplation of the king. Roche enters the room and finds a fearsome king contemplating a black orb hovering over his hands. This dead king grabs a perfect Horcai sword and nearly kills Roche in two quick swipes. Once again Alavaro intervenes and commands the king to freeze, at which point they make quick work of him. Laszlo keeps the chain armor and eyeball mace, Publio takes the little poison needle dagger he’s found and a strange magical chasuble, Bruce takes the crown. Publio is drawn to the black orb and does not resist its siren call— he gazes into its black depths and is totally entranced. As he’s torn away, he’s scarred emotionally and loses a point of luck. Foaming and fighting, they tie up Publio and carry him out of the tomb with Erasmus’s body.

As they made their way back out of the city, the ghost had reassembled and challenged them, commanding them to give up the crown. Feeling that they had already gained substantial treasure (chain, dagger, sword, war masks) they yielded the quite valuable crown and the ghost howled with triumph, running past them back into the city.

Feeling the chaos power within the chasuble, Bruce and Alvaro convinced Publio to yield it to them to destroy in the name of Uther (LAW!) and Publio was granted a point of luck back while both clerics were cured of disapproval.

Note: All retainers on this adventure will be 1st level for next session. Players may retain them, play them or throw them in the general roster.

Online Session 1

Online Session #1 (Roll20+ Google Hangouts) Jan 29, 2013

Roll Call:

Gary – Shiloh the Halfling (freed Mykon slave and miner from Lord Fitzgerald’s Memorial Shaft)
Zack – Zuli McQuestrian the Priest of Chaos
Zack – Bronto McQuestrian the aged veteran general of a thousand battles
Drew – Drulli McQuestrian the slave-dwarf half-brother of Zuli
Drew – Handlestaff the Magenta – Wizard of nakedness

Some offscreen history established for the party at the outset:

Zuli and Drulli are half-brothers. Zuli was raised as the legitimate son of the bandit-chieftain Pumper McQuestrian. Drulli was his half-brother, a slave to the rest of the family. Bronto, Zuli’s uncle is estranged from the aged Pumper (heh). Handlestaff the wizard once tramped about in the hills of the Mcquestrian domain so when Drulli escaped slavery with the aid of Zuli and Bronto, they sought him out in Snakedeep as their lifeline and contact. Shiloh found himself at their table by pure chance.

An odd violet-and-gold wearing wizard began to declaim “Far away on the dim misty mountain of Evervale, North of the Great Stag Forest, there is a humble redoubt known as—” At this moment the shutters in the bar flew open and two assassins shot arrows at the wizard. One of them hit and the wound sprouted an imp!

  • A golden imp attacked and was slain by Bronto
  • Shiloh hurled himself at the first assassin and then out the window to attack him. Bronto covered the window with a table.
  • Handlestaff stole the wizard’s satchel off his body
  • Drulli engaged the second assassin and slew him.
    A big bald bystander who watched the combat approached the wizard and slew him with two mighty blows of his club.
  • Handlestaff approached a gang of thieves in the corner and asked them to help kill the big bald man.
  • More imps appeared, attacking Bronto and Zulli
  • Zulli slew the raspberry flavored imp
  • Bronto slew the golden imp and ran outside to attend to Shiloh
  • Shiloh fought the first assassin, who fumbled so badly that he was immobile for 4 rounds while Shiloh and Bronto finished him off.
  • The dying wizard puked up a huge squamous violet demon that attacked the big bald man; the thieves slew the bald man and ran away, Handlestaff paying them each one gold.
  • Zulli paralyzed the imp and put him in a sack, then in Bronto’s trunk. (Live clay imp!)
  • Handlestaff recovered a spellbook and one other book in the satchel, along with some coin.
  • Drulli harvested a short bow, 10 arrows, short sword and a strange snake-faced silver ring from the assassin’s body.
  • Hearing the cries and horses of the town guard, they fled the Wretched Hive for quieter taverns.

For next session:

Drew thinking that Handlestaff will study both books. Drulli will investigate the assassin’s ring.

Results of study to be published to the players for next session with additional happenings and hooks!

Session 4

Session 4: The Underways
*Roll call:

Gary: Erasmus the Elf + Shiloh the Halfling
(Gator)Todd: Dosh the Dwarf + Lszlo the farmer + Rainbow the Warrior
Ian: Ms. Ironday + Feyrith the Elven Forester
Bob: Roche the Thief + Merkin the Locksmith

(Note: These 4 retainers were the Mykon slaves freed in Session 1, who eventually labored on the Lord Fitzgerald Memorial shaft.)

Session opened with 3 hooks provided to the assembled adventurers, with a 4th option to go totally sandbox. The party chose to hire on as caravan guards with a toad-man merchant named Hut-hut, who was taking a 10 wagon caravan to the underground city of Entropia. The wagons were pulled by scumback toad-men (Hut-hut and his men are of the “Spitter” tribes.) Each full party member was to be paid 20 gp upon successful completion of the mission. (Party agreed to take the freed Mykon slaves along as retainers for 1gp each). The party thought to hire a cleric, and interviewed (examined the character sheet) of Howard the Neutral, but disqualified him based on his statistics. (Poor Howard!) Instead, they were joined by a new Dwarf, Dosh the Mongolian and his acquaintance, Rainbow the Warrior.

(Before meeting up with Hut-hut, Ms Ironday followed him back to his toad-village in the swamps and observed him accessing the Ledge through the secret Toad-men entrance to the Underways).

Agreeing to meet Hut-Hut on the Ledge, they journeyed to the Lord Fitzgerald Memorial shaft, lowering themselves down and backtracking to meet Hut-Hut at the Ledge. (Presumably, he noticed that they had not used the Outhouse entrance behind the Dirty Space, but he said nothing about it, and he didn’t seem to spot the Lord Fitz Mem. Shaft when they passed it with the caravan.)

The party ventured forth with the caravan. They came across two dwarves who were hiding in a side entrance that went on into the darkness, and after some tense interrogation, discovered that they had fled an ancient Horkai city, claiming that it was beset by ghosts and the like. Apparently, they wanted to get to the safety of their brethren at the Dwarven outpost at the bottom of the nearest “Ramp” down. The party agreed to take them on for their help in pulling the wagons and extra swords.

After this, they encountered a Xorn, a bizarre earth elemental creature who insisted on eating their gems (of which they had very little.) When Dosh sniffed that one of the Dwarves had a gem, the gem was given to Erasmus the Elf who tried to fake out the xorn…. A short combat ensued and the Xorn disappeared into the stone floor, only to emerge moments later and kill one of the toad-men slaves, halting the caravan. All-out battle ensued and the Xorn leveled Ms Ironday but she was barely saved by Feyrith at the last moment. Eventually, the party was able to slay the Xorn before it retreated again, and the party recovered two gems it vomited up upon dying, as well as valuable and exotic xorn parts.

Shortly thereafter, the party encountered a high-pitched noise and as they approached it became extremely painful to pass it. This keening sound actually killed several toad-men slaves and guards, and killed Ms Ironday, although she was later found to have just barely survived. (Unfortunately, she will always hear a faint ringing in her ears). Her retainer Feyrith the Elf was slain by the terrible sound. These terrible cave fishers declined to attack, but are still lurking there and may need to built with if traffic is going to be increased between the Ledge and other parts of the Underways.

Turning right onto the Ramp, the party encountered six Sunless Elves— a race of pallid white elves who were exiled to the deeps long long ago and now make their homes there— they are the masters of Entropia. They had been enslaved by the Dwarves of the Ramp’s lower outpost and offered to secure a ransom if they were returned to Entropia. Erasmus hit upon the scheme of disguising them with the dead toad-men bodies, but when they approached the outpost, the dwarves they had rescued (Tango and Cash) betrayed them by telling the Dwarves the Sunless were hiding amidst the caravan. There was a tense negotiation in which the Dwarves agreed to let the party keep two of the hostages and return four of them— crediting two of them since the party had returned the two (treacherous) Dwarves to their safekeeping.

They came onto the main highway to Entropia and learned that the other direction led to the undeground section of the Spear (!), but went the other way toward Entropia as agreed.

Beat up and in need of some rest and healing, the party was looking for an inn and Hut-Hut had heard tell of such a place, but when they finally located it, it looked not particularly open and well-used and the party (slightly paranoid?) passed the place up.

Moving on, they encountered a sloth-storm— the tiny white insectoids attacked enmasse and were repelled but not before felling Murkin the locksmith. Erasmus tried to invoke the King of Elfland to help him in the slith battle by way of spellburn, and was required to do a pun, poem or song relating to their circumstances. His limerick did not please his lord, and he lost 12 Agility temporarily, and then also failed to Invoke Patron. They learned that the unclaimed (unenslaved) Sliths have a bounty on their heads, so they saved the heads to turn in for the bounty in Entropia.

Another narrow fissure in the wall was passed up and then a Mykon group was encountered. These strange creatures, not just the wide-brimmed toadstools encountered in the goldspice mine, but various other shapes and sizes of mykons as well, passed without incident until the last approached the party and encouraged them to worship “Oolech the Slime Lord”. They declined.

They arrived mostly intact at Entropia and were paid by Hut-hut as agreed (however, they did have to cover the 1 gp fee to enter the city). They paid their surviving retainers and ventured into Entropia, resting for a week in relative comfort, exploring the fungus markets, but not buying much as they were a little paranoid about the strange goods. Erasmus was able to sell the Xorn corpse for parts, and he shared a small pittance with Hut-hut, who looked very favorably upon the gesture.

Ms. Ironday saved one of the Xorn hands and had its claws and some Slith teeth made into 2 unique daggers. The Sunless tried to engage the party to take their special mushrooms (Black button mushrooms) and commune with the Voice in the Darkness at the Great Ebon Mirror on the wall of their city’s cavern. Roche declined, but Erasmus ascented and conversed with the Voice in the Darkness, which encouraged him to forsake the King of Elfland for his own patronage. Ms Ironday also tried one of the black buttons, and critically failed her fort save, lost for four days in an intense trance in which she conversed with the Voice. She is now addicted to the black button mushrooms, which are cheap and plentiful in Entropia but rather rare and hard to procure in the surface world. (1 button / 10gp in the surface world).

Hut-hut was willing to take the party’s help for a smaller fee to return to the Cluster and they safely returned, having cleared much of the ways of the most dangerous creatures already. They had also acquired some wax earplugs as well as cloth headcovers for bypassing the cave fisher nest.

Roche achieved 2nd level— first 2nd level character for this campaign!
Shiloh and Lazlo each achieved 1st level! (So the Mykon slaves may eventually run as full-fledged adventurers).
This was the first adventure with no death of a character first level or higher.

Session 3

Session 3

Sat, Dec 22, 2012

Roll call:

Shannon- Alyshia the Wizard
Bob – Roche the Thief
Charlie – Publio the Thief
Ian – Ms. Ironday the Thief
Mark – The 0-level Schlubs (Milo, Laetitia, Sovelior, Bruce)
Phil – Madsden the Dwarf

The party had decided to journey to the Spear, curious as to the exotic nature of this locale, and having heard tales of wild riches and great dangers within. They also picked up rumors in the Cluster of a party of adventurers that, hearing that Ampersax the Giant was no more, had ventured to the Spear, but had come back with strange insect-heads.

The party, joined by 4 fresh young newcomers, (Milo, Laetitia, Sovelior, Bruce)a mercenary (thief) named Publio and a sturdy Dwarf named Madsden journeyed to the Spear and found their old defeated adversaries, Ampersax and the Muttontaur— and they too had insect-heads. The party burned down the giant’s shack, enticing the two monsters out into the open where they were killed via missile fire and melee.

(Their efforts to entice the monsters with the smell of cooking meat attracted an odd imp-like creature that Publio immediately killed and Alyshia ate part of. Ew.)

As they charged into the Spear itself, its devastating energies washed over them. Most seemed unaffected, except for some temporary blinding and deafening but Publio had a dire pain in his side and Mr. Ironday was changed into a woman. (You can call me… Ms. Ironday).

Inside the Spear, they found the room of the Insectoids and battled their way in. Alyshia performed a massive spell-burn to fire a magic missile at the insect queen, which forced the drones back to defend her. (Cutting her forehead to drench her face with blood, 4 of her fingernails actually popping off of her hands in the casting). The queen was killed and the Dwarf destroyed its eggs, uncovering a cache of coins, weapons and a treasure map (!) showing the location of the “Witches College” in the Great Stag Forest to the Northwest. Also a strange purple jumpsuit with a zipper in the back and a bizaare pistol lasgun.

The party wavered on continuing but started investigating the next room, which contained a hatrack with a hat, an altar, a chalice and a pit with a 6-sided die. On the far were 6 exotic items in a clear case. The party started to explore and were attacked by monsters that suddenly appeared. When the halfling (Laetitia) rolled the die, everything re-set with the charactesr on the far side of the room and the objects back in their place.

Each time they rolled the die, an object was removed from the case. The party explored the items and experimented a fair bit before the dwarf blasted the case open with his new lasgun pistol. They seized various items but kept losing them as the die was rolled. In the end, the only two items they managed to keep was the Potion of Paragons, which temporarily increased Alyshia’s stats to 18s (for a day and night) and Faerie Boots, which transform the wearer into a pixie until removed. (Originally worn by Roche, but later given to Alyshia.) When the party bested the animal-men attackers, they interrogated the goat-man amongst them and got the last clue to the puzzle.

Eventually, the hat was worn, the chalice was filled with blood, and placed on the altar, and the die was rolled and came up 1. This opened two doors from the room— back the way they came and onward. The halfling ventured onward and discovered a strange traveller with bizarre weapons and the ability to create Graylings from strange little seeds that he carried. He was searching for magical books and traded healing “plasms” for Sovelior the dead Elf’s grimoire. He also mentioned several obscure things about the “Vessel of Eterniax” and also mentioned a place called… SPEAR CITY..?

Laetitia ventured back the way they had come and found a ball of goo on the floor. When she touched it, it wrapped her up in nasty goo and choked her, eventually transforming her into a ball of maroon goop. The rest of the party doubled back through the “goo” room and found the exit back out through the burnt shack and quickly left the Spear.

The group decided to go back to Snakedeep to try to sell the weapons and goods they had found, rather than return to the Cluster. On their return to Snakedeep, they encountered an Ant-Bear, and fighting it briefly, they drove it off. They encountered a group of Toad-men who didn’t want any trouble, and the two groups went their separate ways.

At this point, the entire party has returned to Snakedeep and is resting there with the semi-confident purpose of venturing down the Lord Fitzgerald Memorial Shaft at the nearest opportunity (next session).


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