DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 9

Session 9

April 20, 2013

Roll call:

Brandon – Shiraz the Wizard and Bordeaux the Dwarf
Bob- Roche the Thief and Billy the Gravedigger
Gary- Silvertongue the Bard and Shiloh the Halfling
Micah – Alavar the Cleric and Aram the Warrior
Ian – Ms. Silverday the thief and Wayne the Cleric
Mark – Broos the Cleric of Uther

Session opened with some clean up from Session 8— tied off some loose ends as follows.

  • Ms. Silverday investigates the book that they retrieved from the Temple of the Moon Witch. She can’t read it easily, but copies the parts that seem to relate to Entropia and the Spear. They turn in the book and she pays them as agreed in Session #8 (noted that money is owed to Madsden, Rainbow and Dosh)
  • They bring the jar of slime to the Unseer in Entropia, who tells them that it may be some sort of vehicle that contains knowledge or power. As the denizens of the Deepways don’t write books and that sort of thing.

They agree to set out and explore the Nearways that the party passed through on the way to the Village of Liars (They traaveled belowground to get there). The party spends some money on rations, rope, lanterns and so on, including a number of Sunless ponies and “Trundlers”— centipedish docile beasts of burden used in the Underways.

The party starts into this area and encounters a band of mykon merchants. After an uncomfortable wordless exchange, Bordeaux manages to sell one of his his new inventions, the “Torch-Helmet” to the Mykons for 2 gp.

Next they encounter two small children who claim to have fallen into the Nearways by way of a stream that they were playing in. The kids claim to have come from one of the nearby passages where “the bad men” did tried to capture them. They are skittish about Bordeaux, the only Dwarf in the party. The party takes them in with the agreement to return them to their hometown of Redbush as soon as they have completed their journey.

Going the other way (avoiding trouble), they encounter a theater troupe composed entirely of carnivorous brain flies. The flies negotiate and do a performance of that old favorite, “The Confusion of the Larvae” with the famous happy ending: “And 20 % of the larvage actually survived in the host!” The party pays a moderate fee for the performance and discusses what lies beyond.. “the Annelid” or “Worm Lord.” The party decides not to go that way but to accompany the Troupe of Flies back the other way to the tavern called Kwenlock’s Kwezeen.

Entering the tavern, they see a troll starting to get violent, clearly drunk. There are two dwarves in the tavern and some of the party recognize their old friends, Tango and Cash, who sold the party out in their first adventure in the Nearways. There are also a group of pallid, misshapen robed humanoids in the bar, called “hammerheads” because of their strange curved skulls. And a group of toad-men. And a group of strange, small green and purple goblin type creatures. Before the drunken Troll can even challenge them to a fight, Ms Silverday draws her sword, leaps over the table and attacks Tango.

A massive long bar brawl ensues in which:

  1. Alavar Commands the Celestial owner (Kwenlock) to fight the Troll
  2. The Troll fights Kwenlock and the two never join forces.
  3. Tango is slain in the bar and Cash is charmed and then runs out into the street where Shiloh kills him.
  4. Broos protects the kids and saves them from the “goblin”-things that had tracked them into the street.
  5. One of the goblin things pickpockets various party members and is caught by Shiraz and hurled into the celestial-Troll melee, but escapes unscathed.
    Billy the gravedigger runs in and administers a deathblow to the fallen Radiant with his shovel!
  6. The troll is felled but is already regenerating. When the party tries to burn him, they find that the fire heals him!
  7. Shiloh takes the troll’s head (decapitated in one shot by Aram!) and throws the head in a nearby pool, where it steams and hisses and disintegrates. The party then pours water on the rest of the Troll remains before it regenerates.
  8. Bordeaux goes for the lockbox behind the bar and the Toad-men do the same. A darkness spell is cast, some are commanded to fight the others and Bordeaux escapes with the lockbox without too much melee with the Toadmen, who are finally slain.
  9. Shiloh finds on Cash a scroll tube containing a rough treasure map of the location of the fabled treasure – Golden Mask of the Dwarf King.
  10. 1-2 of the goblinthings escape with the 30-40 gp pickpocketed from the party while invisible.
  11. The hammerheads have gone to the backroom and are drinking SNOG (the tavern’s specialty) straight from the giant pet lizard’s nose.. (yes it’s… reptile snot.. which.. you know.. do reptiles have snot? They do at Kwenlock’s Kwizeen) The party lets the hammerheads go peaceably and after arranging with the brain flies to let them breed on the corpses in the back room, they spend the night in the blood-spattered tavern.
  12. The party splits up, partly returning to Entropia with the body of the Fallen Radiant Kwenlock, partly going to the town of Redbush to return the kids to their parents. They are given pie and 10 SP reward and treated like local heroes—even offered to meet the local wizard, Zymordis.
  13. Returning with the Celestial’s magical sword, the party gives it to Billy and Roche pays 100 gp on Billy’s behalf to re-forge it into a magical shovel-weapon— so that Billy will level into a 1st level fighter with a magical shovel-sword!


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