DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 8

Temple of the Moon-Witch

Session #8

March 30, 2013

AKA “Temple of the Moon Witch”

Roll Call:

Brandon – Shiraz the Wizard and Bordeaux the Dwarf
Gator-Todd – Rainbow the Warrior & Dosh the Dwarf
Ian – Ms. Leadenday the Thief and Wayne the Cleric
Bob – Roche the Thief and Billy the Gravedigger
Micah – Alavar the Cleric and Aram the Warrior

Session started in Entropia, the cavern city of the Sunles Elves. The party is led before a mysterious woman with no eyes, who hires them to journey aboveground to the Village of Liars to find an item— a gilt-bound tome of great value. The principals of the party, Roche, Alavar, Rainbow, Dosh, Shiraz and Ms Goldenday, are promised 200 for the book and 25 extra gp each… total of 350 gp.

The woman had her wardens direct the party to a different gate out of Entropia and through the Underways running North (their first venture here). The journey was uneventful and they found their way to the surface and arrived at the Village of Liars. Entering a tavern there, they found that the natives indeed answered every query with a bold-faced lie. They inquired about a book but made very little progress. They investigated the village but accomplished little besides breaking and entering the village mill and (of course) Ms Leadenday’s cold-blooded murder of the village priest of Borkus.

Finally, after Ms Leadenday sets fire to the priest’s hut and the fire militia comes out to douse the flames, the party overhears the villagers complaining that all the young men, normally the village’s backbone, have gone missing up the nearby hill. Searching the hill in the dead of night, they find an odd chimney-like stone structure with a lens on the end, and then an entrance that leads into a cave burrowing deep into the hill.

Entering the cave, Bordeaux narrowly missed stepping into a pit trap and the party had to devise a safe way to traverse the pit, which was done without major mishap. They descended the stairs and were ambushed by the young men of the village who seemed in an enraged, brainwashed state. Though the young men landed a few blows, the party dispatched them quickly. The last one fled and summoned the BRAIN!, a strange creature of living, walking brain matter which attacked them with mental blasts – only succeeding in killing Bordeaux’s shortlived famliar, Convivio the Hawk.

Next, the party was set upon by imps, two of whom attacked with the leg-bones of a witch— and the legless witch herself joined the fray immediately thereafter. In addition, a slime creature attacked from a well sunk deep into the floor and the party was able to slay the imps, the witch and finally the slime creature as it fled. Bordeaux and Billy were both slain but Bordeaux was recovered with healing and Billy was later found to be “not dead yet!”

Having eliminated the threats, the party found themselves in an underground room with several strange objects: Many books on the shelves, most concerning the ancient religion of the Moon-Witch. The book itself, fabulously valuable apparently, and written in the strange religious cant of the Moon-Witch’s cult, with papers that the legless witch had been transcribing. A jar of slime, the properties of which are still not discovered. And.. a telescope type device (attached to the lens at the top of the stone outcrop) that is focused on the Moon, where they were able to view an actual city.. with buildings and such— buildings which looked alien, non-human, yet strangely familiar…


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