DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 7

Session 7- March 16, 2013

Roll call:

Brandon- Shiraz the wizard and Bordeaux the 0 level Dwarven apothecary
Ian – Ms Leadenday the Thief and Willy the Gravedigger
Phil – Madsden the Dwarf

Houskeeping: Billy the Gravedigger (cousin to Willy?) achieved first level last adventure, but his stats were deemed by Ian to be unworthy of actually leveling and playing!

The adventure starts in the Cluster where the four companions are drinking in the Dirty Spade. While discussing the prospect of hiring on to help Madame Erba find the missing Jolly Little Woman she bought from the survivors of the first Spear expedition.

They are approached the Jefrezi man Maxus, a charming well dressed and would-be handsome man who is missing a nose due to a terrible scar. He asks if the adventurers are selling the mini-Cabernet that was left after Cabernet herself died in Session 6. They initially refuse, but Bordeaux offers to construct some toy chariots for Maxus and he agrees to return in 2-3 weeks to purchase them.

The adventurers contract with Madame Erba to find the Jolly Little woman and then hatch the scheme of selling Sauvignon to Maxus as a ruse, then following him to his connections in Snakedeep. When he finally arrives, they sell him the miniature chariots and Sauvignon, then journey to Snakedeep with him. Arriving late, he points them toward the Pier’s inns for lodging and disappears.

Ms Leadenday tracks him to a warehouse near the pier and sees him doing business with a Radiant in the warehouse, examining Sauvignon and the chariots on some sort of game board. Ms Leadenday goes back to the Rusty Squid to meet her companions and they decide to rush the warehouse together, after hiring some muscle- 4 young toughs from Ghost Island they picked up in the Squid:

Petey Pituitary, the world’s strongest 0-level halfling! (Brandon)
Willy the Gravedigger (Ian)
Kudas the Dwarven chest maker (Phil)
Wayne the Wainwright (Ian)

With these comrades, they go to the warehouse and bust in, engaging in a fight with some warehouse guards. 2 of the henchmen are killed but the guards are defeated- not before they see the Radiant appears. A full on battle ensues in which Petey is killed by the thing and Shiraz is dropped. Ms. Leadenday approaches and savagely backstabs the Radiant, ( fallen, blood-weeping angel), dropping him almost single-handedly in one blow. A couple more blows finish him off, and then to their delight, Shiraz is actually alive! The room in which they fight the Radiant is filled with strange magical vessels, potions and two books. In addition, they now have a black, steaming sword that the Radiant used, the blade of which is cold to the touch (claimed by Ms Leadenday). They investigate and then go down to the next level, finding an evil chapel with a demonic altar.

In this room, are several cages of familiars and sprites, saved from the choking cloud. After stripping this altar of the pearls that adorned it, they look down into the next level’s room and toss a torch down, hearing something scream frantically as the room below ignites in a gout of flame. After the flame burns out, Ms Leadenday descends to investigate and look for treasure and is ambushed by a mostly-charred snake-woman, who wraps around her and constricts her to death! Madsden goes down next and is blinded when the snake spits on him, but he finally manages to slay the foul creature. To their relief, they flip over Ms. Leadenday and find that she lives!

There is one more level down that leads to the old sewers beneath the city, but they venture no further, having achieved their goal of rescuing the original Jolly Little Woman for Madame Erba. With the help of Hut-Hut, they hire a wagon and cary off substantial goods back to the Cluster for trade in Entropia, making a nice profit.

Last, they discover that the books and potions will allow them to bond with or possess the familiars that are captured. Even for non-spellcasters, the potions and the book’s formulae are so powerful that, used in the presence of the familiars, they are able to bond. Thus, Madsden bonds with the “wide” (!) Spider-Monkey; Ms Leadenday bonds with the Cranky Scorpion; Shiraz bonds with the Sauvignon (the mini-image of the deceased Cabernet); and Bordeaux bonds with the Convivial Hawk. (No love for the skeletal rat familiar!! awww) :(

Shiraz fumbles her first Find Familiar roll and ends up with flat, withered ears. (With the aid of the book, I allowed her to re-roll, with an increased chance of corruption.)

Bordeaux, Wayne and Kudas have all achieved first level!


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