DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 12 - Dinner Party of the Reality Criminals

Session 12

“Dinner Party of the Reality Criminals”

Roll call:

Brandon – Bordeaux the Dwarven Inventor and Usefularian
Ian – Ms Ironday and Wayne the Silent
Bob – Roche the Thief and Billy the Warrior
Phil – Madsden the Dwarf and Kudas the 0 level Dwarf with 20xp!

Having discovered the position of the legendary city of Nikripest with the use of the Dwarven Codex, the adventurers were again visited by Zymordis the Aged and encouraged to seek more information about Nikripest in the rare tome known as Phodor’s Atlas of the Least Travelled Places. The last known location of this famous book is in the mansion of Armand Pitzkin (which the party had ventured to in one of their first adventures.) The party makes plans to venture there, with Roche as the only surviving member of that original group.

After an uneventful journey to the mansion (including a stopover in Entropia to restock on black mushroom concentrate and buy some bamboo for inventions) the PCs try to enter the mansion via the Side Door, just as they did last time. A plant-man butler appears and tells them to enter around the front, after all, he’s expecting them! This confuses them, but after some arguments, the PCs go in through the side door, cutting through a bustling kitchen. Inside, they discover that they are expected guests at a bizarre dinner party— the sorcerer is home and he’s throwing a dinner party for a bunch of “Reality Criminals”— entities who have offended against the very fabric of space and time— this dinner party is their last meal.

Mixing with the guests, the party finds that each has his own agenda, trying to get them to perform tasks for them before they’re killed. Meanwhile the PCs are trying to locate the Atlas before the Eliminator Spore, the means of execution, hones in on them, which it will do once all of the Reality Criminals are executed.

Highlights of the negotiations:

  • Queen Krysantha asked the Madsden to plant her seed in the Greenhouse of Armand in exchange for an organic diamond-flower necklace she wore. He negotiated to take the seed and plant it outside the house on his own, swearing on the Godpig of prosperity to honor his mission.
  • Vneebl the Gourmand proposed that the Ms Ironday go to the wine cellar to retrieve a bottle of Denevian “lighter-than-air”— Ms Ironday and Roche venture to the cellar alone and are driven off by the ghosts of three angry drunks (now cursed to be eternally thirsty). Later, the party returns to route the ghosts and wins the “Lozenge of Life” from Vneebl
  • Lady Horace (The hawk-headed woman) bargains that the PCs should get her into Pitzkin’s upper gallery to see the series of paintings known as the Portrait of Time. After Roche solves the painting-riddle to enter the gallery, the PCs observe it and the thieves successfully witness it and gain some advances in their mental stats. Kudas, Wayne and Bordeaux are all traumatized by the cosmic mysteries revealed by the paintings.

Finally, in gaining the personal library of Pitzkin, they find dimensional thieves already in the process of robbing it. A melee ensues and most of the thieves are killed. Drawn by this noise and commotion, Pitzkin appears and awards the tome the PCs sought.

Having done a bit of freelancing and located the book they sought, they flee the house, only Ms Ironday braving the final to last execution of the Eliminator Spore.

The party now has most of the detail that they need to study up and understand what it will take to get them to Nikripest.


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