DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 11

The Hell Beneath the Angry Dwarf

Roll call:

Ian – Ms Bronzeday the Theif & Wayne the Valet Cleric
Brandon – Bordeaux the Ever-Inventive Dwarf
Gator-Todd- Rainbow the Warrior & Dosh the Dwarf

As agreed via email, in order to gain access to the Dwarven Codex and pursue the location of Nikripest, the setup was to pursue a mission for Lord Hovard Hallowhall, the Dwarf Lord Marshall of Nearways 1C. The party took Blackstone along as he was an acquaintance of the Lord Marshall, a fellow Usefularianist.

The Lord Marshall directed them to find the statue of the Angry Dwarf on the surface world and retrieve the funeral mask of King Archin the Smooth, made by the Dwarf goldsmith Gudart Hornmach. The party traveled via the Nearways, and then overland to reach the giant statue of the Angry Dwarf. Within the maw of the Dwarf were four savage and hungry Graylings who battled the party to within a few burnt luck points of a TPK!

After resting for several days to recuperate from this savage battle, the party dropped into the strange dungeon and workshop where dwarves had apparently been enslaved and even experimented upon. They encountered a ghost who commaned them to bring the head of “the horse master”. Soon enough they did battle with the Horse Master and finally pitched his head into the ghost’s pool, for which they were rewarded with a precious black pearl of exquisit workmanship (500 gp).

Also the party found graphitti in the dungeon that indicated that the funeral mask was in fact buried in Hallowhall itself. They returned to Hallowhall and assisted the Lord Marshall in retrieving the mask, which was a profane object shaped in the guise of the “Horse Masters” who had enslaved the Dwarves in the weird dungeon. (No wonder it was hidden and Gudart disappeared!) At this point, the Marshall’s stoneseer, Pak Rexrot, grabbed the mask and put it on, starting to transform into one of the dreaded Horsemasters— surrounded by cultists of Ashax. (See Wiki- Ashax is Uther’s future self & opposite number). The PCs slew Pak and were able to hold off the cultist guards until the rest of the Marshall’s men reinforced them: The Marshall gladly rewarded the party with 5 suits of Dwarf plate armor that had belonged to the cultists (!)

Notably, Bordeaux also fashioned the first “Grayling-skinned beard bag”, a slightly flame-retardant beard protector.

Most importantly, the party acquired access to the Codex and was able to trace otu the route to Nikripest with its aid. Now it remains to understand the hazards of the journey and prepare to infiltrate a city of the dead ruled by fallen Radiants!


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