DCC RPG: Champions of Snakedeep

Session 10

Session 10

Roll call:

Brandon – Bordeaux the Dwarf
Bob – Roche the Thief & Billy the Warrior
Gator Todd- Dosh the Dwarf & Rainbow the Warrior (with cameo by Laszlo the retainer)
Mark – Broos the Cleric of Utter
Ian – Ms Leadenday the Thief & Wayne the Valet Cleric

The session opens with the party returning from Entropia & Redbush (already reunited in one band) after the events of the throwdown at Kwenlox Kwezeen. Broos and Bordeaux have hit upon the idea of using this crossroads tavern as a base and investment to help 1) convert the wayward and 2) sell inventions.

In approaching Kwenlox, they find their old friends the carnivorous brain flies, set upon by bleached white cultists of Ashax (long story about Ashax— see Wiki for notes on Uther and Gods)
The flies have been mostly killed and the cultists are yelling, “Where is Blackstone??” A fight ensues when Broos won’t tolerate their bullying and torture any further and the cultists are slain— including a huge bleached-white cyclops. (Bordeaux, destroying his axe and haft on two subsequent fumbles, takes the cyclops’s club as his weapon for this adventure).

Nobody has any idea what Blackstone they’re talking about; they clean up the bar and heal the flies’ troupe leader who lost a wing but is otherwise salvageable. An hour later, an odd dwarf shows up, bloody and bedraggled. He tells the story of how his adventuring companions have been killed when he tried to acquire a book he dreamt of from a weird temple of parasite-controlled idol worshippers. He is Gerhard BLackstone and he offers to accompany the party to find his friends and get the book, or to pay them 20 gold and let them have his buddies’ treasure. They leave Laszlo and Billy to aid him in securing the tavern.

The party explores the caverns and finds a room full of slave-victims entranced by starfish parasites, the largest of which is attached to a big red stone. They have no issues until Bordeaux touches one of the parasites, which brings all the victims biting and clawing at them.
Bordeaux, already preparing tinder and oil, douses the biggest starfish parasite (on the red stone) with oil and lights it on fire. After two rounds of burning, the starfish thing dies and the other slaves fall lifeless. They find the book— a strange leather tome with a human face on the cover. Inside appears to a be a map.

(Dosh finds a separate room with a bonepile in the center and goes to investigate. He’s caught in the grip of a TRAPPER, that wraps him in a leather cocoon and starts to smother him. The adventurers rescue him though he nearly dies and is only miraculously OK after being turned over. The party discovers a bag of pebbles that - when thrown- turn into boulders.)

Before leaving, they take one starfish as a sample, as well as the pulsing red stone that had been on the alter of this strange temple.

Along the way back to Kwenlox, they are greeted by a part of 6 gray alien creatures, who use a female sprite as a translator. They ask for the book and when the party refuses, a quick combat breaks out where there stun-dials are largely ineffective. 6 stun-dials are captured by the party and Bordeaux is able to effectively able to use them.

Returning to Kwenlox, they find Blackstone eagerly awaiting them. Now the wizard Zymordis appears, having sensed a “disturbance in the aetherial body, the ocean of notions, the river of dreams!” When he sees the map, sees a legendary Radiant city that is supposedly home to the dead and the many Radiants who have been corrupted and live in the depths of the mortal world. Most importantly, this city (called Nikripest) is home to The Pale Tree— any who sleep one night under the Pale Tree are said to gain their hearts’ desire. The dwarf is marked with underways coordinates in Dwarven, but the party will need to access the Dwarven Codex to understand where this deep lost place is supposed located— and will need much better information on the dark, lost environs of Nikripest, home to demigods such as Oochel the Slime Lord and the city of the dead, as well as some mysterious place or entity known only as.. KC.

Fortunately, there is a well-stocked esoteric library about a week’s journey from Kwenlox— the library in the house of the Mad Sorcerer Armand Pitzkin— several of the party have been here before and they are decided to venture back in search of information on the city of Nikripest and its environs. (Not known if Pitzkin’s will also have a Dwarven Codex.) Gerhard Blackstone is determined to join forces with the party, fully expecting to sleep under the Pale Tree.. maybe he even can be reunited with his cousins Tango and Cash who have er, “Gone Missing”.

We leave the party at Kwenlox arguing about how best to convert the Red Slave Stone of the Starfish Parasites into a blinking tavern sign….


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